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What is APDAWG?


APDAWG is an All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) set up in 2017 to explore, highlight, discuss and challenge dog-related activities, legislation, and trends with the overall aim of improving the health and welfare of the UK's dogs and dog owners, and society in general. For more information about APPGs click here

MPs Involved


APDAWG is chaired by Dr Lisa Cameron MP, with vice chairs including Zac Goldsmith MP, John McNally MP, Andrea Jenkyns MP, Ross Thompson MP, Tommy Sheppard MP, Ann Clwyd MP; with many other Parliamentarians, campaigners & ethical charities giving APDAWG  their generous support.

APDAWG Meetings


APDAWG meetings take place in Portcullis House (opposite Big Ben) usually every quarter. Meetings take the style of informal presentations about dog welfare topics followed by discussion encouraging further positive legislative change to improve UK dog welfare. 

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